Our Vision

"To provide parents with a balanced Christian education for their children - and to help develop children so they reach their full potential. This will prepare them for service to God and the community"

Our School: serving years 1-8

The Beginnings Then

Paeroa Christian School was established by a small group of Christian parents in 1987. These parents took God's instruction to be responsible for the education of their children very seriously. They wanted to ensure that what their children were being taught at school during the day was the same as what they believed and were taught at home.

The school began with a roll of about 20 pupils, using the Paeroa Gospel Chapel buildings as its facility. The school has always had a very broad support basis from all the evangelical churches in Paeroa and the surrounding towns. Today we have a roll of around 50 pupils, from new entrant through to Year 8 students.


Changing the world

A Snapshot of Our School Now

Our children come from a variety of backgrounds - the majority from Christian homes. We have a wide range of socio-economic groupings and a number of solo-parent families. While we are based in Paeroa, we have had children travel from surrounding areas like Waihi, Waihi Beach, Katikati, Ngatea, Thames and Te Aroha. Travel subsidies are available for families outside of Paeroa and a bus service may be available depending on locality and number of students.

At school, we promote Christian values. We encourage students to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul and strength and to love their neighbour as themselves. This is evident around the school and is also a part of the focus of our bi-annual mission trip overseas - which we facilitate for our Year 7-8 students. On these trips, students experience life in another culture and have the opportunity of serving in various ways. While the people we interact with overseas appreciate our input, likely the greatest benefit is the change in our own attitudes toward the people and needs of the world we live in.


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Changing the world

Royce McMurtrie

Welcome to the Paeroa Christian School community. I’ve been in my role as Principal for roughly the last four years and I and the entire staff team count it as a huge honour to steward and care for what the Lord has so graciously blessed us with here. We are a fun-loving community, with Jesus at the centre of all we do.